Saturday, February 12, 2011

2013 1stHELP: See, Zoom, roam, and tag

Zoom in.  Zoom out. Roam the camera view


You can zoom in on things for close-up -- to read signs better, for example.   You can pull back for wide view.  You can look all around.  Without moving your avatar.
To zoom in on an object: put your cursor on the  object.  Hold down Alt.    The cursor will change to a rectangular magnifying glass with a plus sign in it.  

Keep holding down alt key.  Hold the left mouse key down.    Roll your scroll wheel.  Move your mouse around and note what happens.  Press your arrow keys and see what happens.  
You can do a lot more with this, especially if you are sitting. 
To zoom in or out:
Put your cursor on what you want in the center of the picture.
Press Alt and hold it down.   The cursor will change to a rectangle with a plus sign in it.  
Scroll back and forth with the mouse scroll wheel;
Press each of the arrow keys you normally use to move;
Press page up and page down.  
To return to the view of your avatar:  press the ESC key a few times. Unless your are sitting, you can also get back to the normal view by moving
If you zoom on an avatar or another thing that can move, the camera will follow the thing when it moves.  You tag it for the camera to watch.
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