Friday, February 25, 2011

2013 BIZ: Experts on the meaning of Second Life (virtual existentialism)

Maria Korolov, Mitch Wagner, Dusan Writer, Mitch Wagner, Botgirl, Wagner James Au
Experts on the meaning of Second Life (virtual existentialism)
Botgirl took the long view of debates about what Second Life is.
As collaborators, she brought in the six wise men of Hindustan
  • Six wise men of Hindustan
  • To learning much inclined,
  • Went to see the Elephant
  • (Though all of them were blind),
  • That each by observation
  • Might satisfy his mind[8]
Each found and felt a different part and so reached different conclusions.  The elephant was like a snake, a rope, a tree-trunk, a wall, etc.
"Second Life is a game in the same way that Microsoft Word is a program for writing game articles. Yeah, it can be used that way, but Word is a document platform that supports anything one might want to write about. And Second Life is a 3D virtual environment platform that can and does support a multitude of uses. At this very moment people are using Second Life for a diverse variety of purposes such as 
  • business meetings, 
  • recreational shopping, 
  • concerts, 
  • digital sculpture, 
  • sensual encounters
  • gaming."
Mitch Wagner (aka Copper Robot) posted this blog:
Why I hardly ever go on Second Life anymore

"takes time"


And later moderated his comments:  Actually, I still like Second Life
Wagner James Au (NWN) partly agreed.
"Besides hardcore gaming, it's difficult to think of other non-passive online leisure activities that a large group of adults will devote their undivided attention to for large swathes of time. (Say over a half hour or more.)"

Dusan Writer commented:
" By being inconvenient, it puts us in a place where we log-in with intent – something that you don’t find with Twitter or Facebook."
Maria Korolov

"the real killer content is Second Life is interactions with other people. We listen to live music. Attend book readings. Attend classes and meetings. Socialize in bars and nightclubs. The “content creators” of these events are people who show up and play music, read from their books."


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  1. the wisest words of all:

    Second Life is a grid, a social world

    OpenSim is server software

    neither is better than the other - that depends on your goal =)