Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2013 HELP: Newcomer Welcome Kit

Hobo Welcome Kit 
Prepared by Hobo Helpers and Hobo Junction.
Things newcomers often ask for. And brief instructions on how to use them.
The contents of this kit have to be given away in Second Life because they live only in Second Life.  You can pick up a copy of the kit at the Hobo Helpers HQ:
You can join the Hobo Helpers at the above location.
Or you can find the Hobo Helpers in Search (upper right of screen). 
The contents include land vehicles, boats, planes, houses, avatars, and clothing
If you don't own land, you need to go to a sandbox to rez some of these things, so the kit carries landmarks to several sandboxes, including the one on Hobo Island, the one at Rockcliffe, and the one on Cookie estate
Opening boxes: Some things, especially clothes, come in boxes.  They will be objects and will be represented by the box shaped graphic. In general , clothes that you are to wear will  be represented by various clothing like graphics.  To put on clothes you find the item in your inventory, click on it, and select wear.
You don't wear boxes.  You rez them on the ground, then click on them and select "Open."    You then tell the system to copy the contents to your inventory. You may get lots of items.  You can then look through them in your inventory and pick what you want to try on.
When you want to wear something, you don't have to take off what you are currently wearing.  Usually things that you wear will replace what you are currently wearing.  If you take off your clothes, you may appear naked.
Rez?  Language of the Virtual Village
You can also get to these sandboxes by using these links:
Rockcliffe sandbox
Hobo Island
Cookie Estates
Clothing available at these places

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