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2013 HELP: Second life or OpenSim? Check list for choice

Second life or the OpenSim?  Check list for choice
OpenSim in the cloud
On the web
  • Continued growth
  • Cloud-based access develops
  • Adventures continue
  • OpenSim Gets a voice
OpenSimulator, often referred to as OpenSim, is an open source server platform for hosting virtual worlds. While it is most recognized for compatibility with the Second Life client, it is also capable of hosting alternative worlds with differing feature sets with multiple protocols[1].
The hypergrid is an extension to opensim that allows you to link your opensim to other opensims on the internet, and that supports seamless agent transfers among those opensims.
Major criteria for Choice
OpenSim costs much less that Second Life for equivalent space and prim allocation.  But nothing is cheap if it doesn't do the job for you. 
You probably want to use Second Life if:
Your objectives call for having a lot of people visit your build.
You have no easy way of attracting people to your build via the internet.
You will need to get the cooperation of other people that you do not know.
You will need to hire builders and scripters

Examples of projects that will probably work best in Second Life
Entertainment venues
Video making start-up
Model Railway
You probably want to use OpenSim if:
You have an easy way of getting people to visit your build.
The skills (building, scripting, etc.) you will need are already available to you.
Classes in established academic institutions.
Work groups composed of people already working together
The third way
If you have both kinds of needs, you probably want to work in both systems.  You can set up a presence in Second Life at low cost if you can keep down the amount of space you need. 
For more detailed advice
How to pick a virtual platform — revisited – Hypergrid Business

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