Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 EVENT: IMA: IMA Social Web and Virtual World Events, Calendar

IMA: Shawn's Calendar,  
monthly view

This post is being used to create a monthly events calendar for Shawn's Hypergrid calendar.   I will put this view on the Eventorator, along with the original agenda view, so people can use the one they prefer.  

The agenda view shows all the events on a day, starting with the current date.    But on a very busy day you may have to scroll down.  (You can do that with a web page on a prim.)  The monthly view shows much less current information, but does emphatically make the point that we have a lot going on in OpenSim.  (Despite the name, I am reasonably sure that it lists only OpenSim events and probably only those accessible on the Hypergrid.)

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