Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 WRITE: The writing communities of virtual worlds: Nara's Nook

The writing communities of virtual worlds:  
Nara's Nook
Scroll down for News and Notes (including articles about new TOS)
The overall goal is to build community across the borders of our hypergrid worlds while we are building stories to entertain the citizens of the metaverse
Nara's Nook entry point
Arrival point

NPC Maker
The blue box labelled "gift for visitors" carries a script that makes a non-player character that duplicates the avatar that clicks on its object.  The duplicate is animated by whatever animation is in the object.  

Daily chats
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Author Gazebos

Authors have gazebos with:

  • Posters that describe their work.  
  • Walk-in hypergates that take visitors to the author's workshop
  • Links to a marketing page (such as Amazon)
Stephanie Mesler's gazebo
Stephanie Mesler is Frieda Frostbite in Kitely
Direct link to Amazon
Writings on display
Walk around the place
Find some reads

Second life outpost for Nara's Nook

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News and Notes

Events in the virtual worlds  


      Contests and dated calls/invitations

      The Journal of Virtual Studies currently has a call for papers open.  The journal is peer reviewed and focuses on the use of virtual spaces for knowledge immersion.  Do you work or research in Second Life,  OpenSim or any other virtual platform?  Have you been engaged in research, exploration or reflection when using MMPORG’s?  Have you discovered a virtual space with knowledge immersion possibilities or have you engaged in a fascinating new way to explore the virtual through any number of immersive online applications?    
      These and many other questions are explored by the JoVS.  The Fall 2014 issue is expected to publish in September.  For details, see here: Journal of Virtual Studies 
      The theme is 'TRANSCENDING BORDERS.' Artists & filmmakers can interpret the theme as they see fit. Whether transcending borders between time and space, past and present, one nation and another, one language and another, a culture or civilisation or any other of the innumerable borders that present themselves as we navigate our lives. You the artist... You the machinimatographer...You decide.
      Entries Close at Midnight SLT 31st October 2014. Winner will be announced in December 2014.   First entries 

      Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 



      Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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