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2015 VIDEO: "Cinema! The Return" and the 48 Hour Film Project

"Cinema! The Return"  
and the 48 Hour Film Project
Mary Wickentower (Polished Puppet Productions) presents "Cinema! The Return", thanks to a generous land grant from the LEA Endowment for the Arts, Round Eight.  The focus is themed and RP sets to film machinima.



Cinema! The Return

By Mary Wickentower

Take a trip down memory lane circa late 1940's, early 1950's,  Hollywood, California USA and take back the ambiance of that earlier time. It was a time of elegance, when going to the cinema was luxurious, and the theaters were grand places; huge and ornate with immense balconies, high domed ceilings, massive red carpeted staircases and décor that rivaled the Vatican. Their equally impressive facades dominated that landscape.  A magical place where you could ease back in splendid surroundings and suspend all worries, leave you tribulations behind and enter a world of the imagination. Come visit the Empire Movie Palace, a contribution from Khan Omizu, a magnificent tribute to that era. The theater's big screen will feature a series of films from Second Life's finest machinima. Come see a new film every month.

Then there was the drive in movie - a culture all to itself.  The mammoth screen filled the sky, and you could come in your pajamas, hunker down with friends or family, cuddle in a fluffy blanket, and bury your head in a soft pillow, all in the comfort of your own car. Visit the vintage California concession stand (a reconstruction by Mary Wickentower) then get cozy in a parked car to watch machinima on the open drive in screen contributed by Ethos Erlanger.  January & February feature the best of the best machinima created in 2013,  a total of two hundred and ninty seven films packed into the AviewTV  Chrismas edition, curtesy of LaPiscean Liberty (activate your media and click on the movie screen frame for menu)  Come pick up  "Cinema"  gifties at the concession stand.

Visit  "Swing Jime's Diner", a contribution from Captain Paul Creighton (paul.creighton). Enjoy a stylish brunch or cut the rug with your sweetheart  on the massive dance hall floor.  Watch for announcements of live performers, leading off with the ever popular, Antonio Galloway

Check out the old time gas station, and our sexy mechanics. This enhancement of a purchase from n0th1ng Ackland of Dirty Rat,  features a fully functioning  Iron Claw Machine, a contribution from Ardour Allen. Come take your chances and win an adorable gift..  Meditate in the nearby garden.

The beautifully renovated Museum of the Dolphin will house artworks & sculptures honoring the playful and intelligent Dolphin.  The museum will host a fascinating first time Q and A  with the staff and trainers of the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (Roatan, Hondurus). All new to SL, the trainers will be visiting SL for the first time. Lets show them a warm welcome.  To be announced.  Basic building purchased from Barnesworth Anubis.  

Delight to the fairly tale themed builds tucked away in the NW comer of Cinema! The Return.  January & February feature the story of Hansel and Gretel and the gingerbread house, a Brothers Grimm fairy tale (designed by Mary Wickentower).

Starting in February, Cinema! The Return will host a series of monthly set builds, all themed or RP sets to be used as backdrops for machinima. February will begin with a particle based set  designed by the Italian stallion of particles, Ermes Dallagio. The Changhigh Sisters Particle Show is in the lineup as well as others to be announced. Look for the transporter to the guest skybox.  

These monthly set builds are inspired by the permanent themed sets featured at LEA7. 
If you have not visited or filmed a t LEA7, put it on your dance card now!  They are the cat's meow!    (sample machinima:

Come take back the ambiance once again, at Cinema! The Return.

Contact: Mary Wickentower

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