Thursday, February 12, 2015

2017 PEOPLE: Building communities in virtual worlds. Common interests, easy communication.

Building communities in virtual worlds
Updated 9/8/2017
CommunityA group of people in interaction, sharing common interests and goals

What builds communities?  

  • Common interests and goals 
  • + opportunities for interaction

Key communities and potential communities in virtual worlds

  • Socializers who spend their time hanging out and meeting new people
  • Artists who create sculptures, images or video using the virtual worlds
  • Art done in virtual worlds Summary
  • Fashionistas who enjoy shopping and showing off their looks
  • Role Players who participate in organized games or informal communities
  • Entertainers who play music or participate in theater, dance or comedy performances
  • Educators who use Virtual Worlds as an extension of RL classes
  • Education in Virtual Worlds. Summary 
  • Patrons of the Arts who visit galleries and art exhibitions, listen to live music, attend theatrical performances, etc
  • Merchants who create and sell products or services
  • Land Developers who acquire, improve and rent land
  • Professional and Semi-Professional Content Creators who create and sell products
  • Explorers who spend most of their time visiting new places
  • Bloggers who write about virtual worlds 
  • Blogs and media in Virtual Worlds
Adapted from:  BotGirl QuestiLinden Lab CEO: The First 100 Days
Link annotations by me

My additions and my collection

Use a Google Community

So best check some virtual world communities with outposts on Google+.

  • Create a Google+ community. 
  • Make it public.
  • Use a name people can easily recognize.
  • Invite people from your other contact lists.
  • Ask people to set the notifications on (upper left of community page).
  • They will then get email notices of new posts in the community. 
  • Post general notices to members (like group notices and group chat) 
  • Share important web-links with a G+ button or a copy-paste
  • Put comments on postings by other members.
  • OpenSim scripting resources: OpenSim Scripters (G+), Showcase trail
  • This link will find some G+ communities:  Communities virtual worlds g+



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