Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 ART: The Hudson Line. Surreal trip from Tarrytown to Manhattan

Surreal trip from Tarrytown to Manhattan.
The Hudson Line
The Hudson line is a collaborative creation by poet Karima Hoisan and scripter Dale Innis.  Based loosely and surrealistically on a train line from Tarrytown New York to Manhattan, it is a fanciful flight of fancy at every station.
Starting point
Click image to enlarge

Visit the Hudson line 

  • Paste the line below into the Firestorm address bar, press return
  • Hudson Line
  • This should work whether you are in Kitely or coming via hypergrid
  • This may work in other viewers, but I have not tested them.
  • If not, paste the line into the world map search bar, teleport if found.
  • World webpage:
  • Right click the globe and select Teleport to go to Tarrytown station
  • Turn on  media to play automatically and turn up sounds.
  • Each station platform plays a short video on the billboard there
  • Set draw distance to 350 +
  • Region default is early morning sunrise. You may prefer midday.
  • Use the teleport in front of the sign to go to the train.

Refreshments for your trip
Read the signs
*A very special thanks to Arcadia Asylum and Linda Kellie for all their marvelous and free builds they share with everyone.

Spuyten Duyvil

The area is named after Spuyten Duyvil Creek, where "Spuyten Duyvil" literally means "Spouting Devil" or Spuitende Duivel in Dutch; a reference to the strong and wild tidal currents found at that location
Click image to enlarge
Harlem-125th Street
  • After your ride feel free to explore the many small cozy surprises: 
  • Climb the Firetower, or dance a salsa at the Spanish Harlem Dance Club
Bodega Supermarket 
by Arcadia Asylum
  • I understand that the Arcadia art came from Cookie II.
  • Arcadia's art is available free on Cookie II
  • Cookie II Web page:
  • Firestorm Hop:  hop:// II/126/125/25
  • Hypergrid address: II
  • Cookie II is open to all visitors, including HG, at no cost.
  • If you put the hypergrid address into the address bar of Firestorm,
  • That should work on HG and on Kitely.
Shipping on the river
What's wrong with this statue?
Are you in the game?
A stream of vehicles
Well, this is New York

Other work by Karima Hoisan

News and Notes



Virtual Learning Series Jan/Feb Classes

In Kitely, with Firestorm, use the Firestorm Hop
hop:// Academy/173/129/22
HG: Paste HG address into World map, use TP Academy 

February 5  1:00pm  Introduction to Roleplaying

An introduction to basic roleplaying skills and character creation in virtual worlds.

February 12 1:00pm  Education Roundtable

A roundtable panel on education in virtual worlds. Guest panelists!


Lauren's Place


Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds



How to handle a Hypergrid address 

From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the address bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again in couple of minutes.  Sometimes the first try fails (probably times out).  And try again a few hours later. Some hypergrid destinations are offline part of the day. 


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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