Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 ART: VIDEO: Hobo Island Rebuild

Hobo Island Rebuild  
Updated 10/24/2015
A video of the new Hobo Island, recently rebuilt. 

Ride the cart

Views of the old Hobo Island

Sandbox on Hobo Island


News and Notes


Classes, workshops:  Blender Mesh Live Instruction starts Monday 2/23

Ruby O'Degee offers live basic lessons, live project lessons and (soon) live workshops
Starting on Monday 2/23 
HG address: 88221
Firestorm hop: hop:// 88221/232/157/23

Limited to 9 participants on a first come, first serve basis. 

Basic classes that rotate on a 1st and 3rd week basis will begin at 8:30 am PST (last about 40 minutes).  Most days the basic classes will be followed by a 30-40 minute project class, so that  builders have something to take home.   


Lauren's Place


Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds



How to handle a Hypergrid address 

From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the address bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again in a minutes.  Sometimes the first try fails (probably times out).  And try again a few hours later. Some hypergrid destinations are offline part of the day. 


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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