Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 HELP: Camera Tutorial, zoom and roam

Camera Tutorial, zoom and roam
  • Sit in the chair
  • Put your cursor on the target on the pipe
  • Hold down the ALT  key
  • Press the left mouse button
  • Move the mouse forward.
  • You will see how you can move the mouse to zoom the camera
  • Zoom in on the target.
Location Link.  Click to go or drag onto the viewer screen.
  • When you zoom in on the target
  • the target will light up
  • The tutor will announce your success and offer the next challenge
  • Find the telescope next to you
  • Hold down the CTRL and ALT keys
  • Press the left mouse button
  • Move the mouse till you are looking through the telescope
  • Adjust the view so the target is centered in the scope view
  • You have learned how to roam and zoom your camera
  • that is the most powerful viewing feature in Second Life
  • See, Zoom, roam, and tag
Built by Qie Niangao.  Qie will welcome inquiries about this tutorial device and about the general concept represented here.

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