Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 ART: Artists alert: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES, call for proposals

  • call for proposals
  • Covering MARCH 2013 - MARCH 2014
  • Deadline for proposals: 10th of Feb 2013

  • Artists in SL can apply for FULL SIM art show 
  • Full sim for one month
  • From first day of the month to last day of the month
  • Deadline for applications: 10th of Feb 2013

Details and how to apply:

Lea Full Sim Art Series


  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 2012
  • Search on page with Google Chrome: Ctrl+f, search bar upper right 
  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
  • Annotated screen shots made with Jing
  • Creative Commons License, attribution only.
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