Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 PROMO: Video: Anatomy of a promo, 7 Deadly Skins

Anatomy of a promo, 7 Deadly Skins

Promo by  Kole Krueger  
Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen
  • Design for a promo
  • Objective: Get people to buy the product
  • Steps:
  • Catch their attention (novelty in the familiar)
  • Keep their interest (curiosity)
  • Get them to want the product (see themselves using it)
  • Give an easy way to get the product
Anatomy below
Catch their attention (novelty in the familiar)
  • Familiar phrase
  • Slight modification
Krueger already had the phrase in the title of his store.  Good choice then, even better choice here.  Catches attention and promotes his brand.
Keep their interest (curiosity)
  • Story plan involving the product
  • Every story has a quest
  • Who has the quest here?  The viewer
  • The viewer's quest is to find out why this is about remembering
Get them to want the product (see themselves using it)
  • Story resolution 
  • He is remembering before he became a vampire
  • Possible improvement:
  • Show attractive scenes of his vampire life
  • Scenes might contrast with the earlier, remembered scenes
  • Scenes should include males and females
  • Show him picking out skins at the store.
  • Extend: Who else is interested in promoting virtual vampires?
Give an easy way to get the product
  • A video can't give an easy link
  • People must remember the link and find it in search
  • Memorable name helps
  • But embedding in a web page helps more (see above)
  • You can embed video in a blog.
  • Promotion: from virtual worlds. Summary 2012


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