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2019 HELP: Travel Secrets of virtual worlds

Travel Secrets of virtual worlds 
Updated 3/20/2019
These are not meant to be secrets.  It just works out that way.  These are just easier ways of doing things you already know how to do. 
Get there:
  • ClickNwalk Get there, don't overshoot
  • Double-click-TP (good to get on stage)
  • Quick trips for your favorites places, don't search your inventory
  • Login to the place you want to be, skip that first TP
  • Use a SLurl from a web page, go where the blogs take you 
  • Move and roam your camera (look around without moving)
  • Pass through walls 

  • These instructions apply to the FIrestorm viewer.  
  • The features may be available in most third party viewers, but there may be some differences in how to use them.

Click-walk (Autopilot). Double-click-TP

V3.2 Preferences, 
Move & View window
  • Double-click TP:  Optional feature to TP you automatically to a place you can see.
  • ClickNWalk:  Walk your avatar to a place by a single-click on the place.
If you have set your double-click option to teleport (see screenshot above), you can usually teleport by double-click to any place you can see..  If you are in a parcel that has a landing point set, you may get a message saying you can't teleport closer.    

In such places:
  • Use ClickNWalk
  • Or open your world map (Ctrl m) and double click on the place 
These features are especially useful if you want to get to a specific point without overshooting. 

Quick trips to your favorite places

  • Put your favorite landmarks it the favorites folder under Landmarks.  
  • You can easily find them.

Favorites bar
Click image to enlarge

Login to the place you want to be

If you have a SLurl, copy-paste it into the destination bar on the entry screen.  Then click Login.  You will (probably) arrive where the SLurl specifies
If you have put Landmarks in your Favorites Bar, go to Preferences-Private, then check 
"Show my Favorite Landmarks at Login."
The login page will give you a drop-down menu of the destinations in your Favorites Bar
If you know the name of the sim, put that in the destination bar.  You will land in the middle of the sim (128,128)

These shortcuts can often save you a teleport after you Login.
Teleport to nearby sims

Teleport to a friend's location

Use a SLurl from a web page

  • If you have SLurl on a web page and your viewer is not open, click the SLurl.  
  • That will open the viewer (if you have one) and let you log in.  
  • If you don't have a viewer, the system will start you on the road to downloading/installing a viewer or registering for Second Life.

  • If you have a SLurl and your viewer is open, drag the SLurl to the viewer screen and drop it there. 

Find Places you want to visit

Can: move and roam you camera

  • You stay where you are.  
  • Your camera can look around for you.  
  • Even in places you can't go. 

Pass through walls

  • You need double-click move (above) turned on.
  • You just need to cam to the inside of a place and use the double-click to there.
  • To cam through a wall, zoom up close to it.
  • Then rotate your view (side-pointing arrow) till you see the other side.
  • This won't work in a place where the TP landing point is set. 

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