Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 HELP: Voice solutions

Voice solutions

  • Voice does not come on
  • Mic on when I didn't click the button 
  • Somebody's Volume is too low
  • Somebody's sound is blurred
  • Somebody is annoying me in voice
Voice does not come on
  • If voice fails on Windows, here is the first thing to try
  • If that fails, go to a place with few people.  
  • If voice comes on, go where you want.  Voice will probably stay on
  • If voice does not come on, toggle voice (Preferences, Sound and Media)
  • If voice does not come on, relog into a non-busy place.
Somebody's Volume is too low
  • Hover the cursor over the avatar 
  • Click on the green dot that appears.  
  • Adjust volume with slider in the window that opens.
Somebody's sound is blurred
  • The person mic volume is too high
  • Look for red waves above the person's head
  • If you see those, tell the person
  • Fix: the person can move the mic farther from the mouth
  • "Think of the mic as somebody's ear"
How does my mic sound?
Somebody is annoying me in voice
  • Mute the person who annoys you:  
  • right click on the avatar, 
  • select block
  • Blocks text chat and voice.
Mic on when I didn't click the button  
Common reason:  You are clicking a hot key.  In Preferences, Sound and Media (see screen shot below) there is a place to set your hot key to toggle your mic on and off.  If you check that, clicking on the hot key will turn on the mic and leave it on till you click the hot key again. 
You will probably want to check that box, because it also makes the voice button toggle that way.    If you check the box, be sure to use a hot key that you will not use in typing (such as your middle mouse button).

Preferences, Sound & media tab
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