Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 WRITE: Very virtual short poetry library

Very virtual short poetry library
  • Nothing to be seen
  • Empty space
  • Till you click on the box
  • Then...

  • It begins to rez
  • It is not a library yet
  • Now it is a library
  • Each book or framed artwork offers a set of notecards from a previous workshop
  • Click on a book or artwork to get the notecards
  • You will get a notice about an offer of a folder
  • Click Keep.  The folder will go into your inventory 
  • To read, click the Recent button near the top of your inventory window
  • Or Search your inventory for the name mentioned in the notice 
  • V3.2 Inventory button
  • Those books all offer poems
  • Each book has the products of a single short poetry session.
  • Poems written by the people at that session.
  • A lot of books?  Yes.  From a lot of sessions.
  • The library can be rezzed at any time, by anyone
  • You can stop by and pick up notecards full of poems
Some examples
  • Fibonacci
  • Rubaiiyat
  • Aphorism/epigram
  • Little Willie
  • Fold-it
  • Fractured Nursery Rhymes
  • Haiku
  • Limerick
  • Each session works on a particular form, selected by the leader
  • The leader starts by describing the poetry form
  • Then each person writes an example
  • Then the leader reads the poems
  • The library is tall
  • The people are short
  • Like the poems


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