Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2013 HELP: Commnication: MySL, Private messages, offline

MySL, Private messages, offline 

MySL is a web based social networking site integrated into Second Life.  The feature lets you send private messages (much like inworld IMs) to people in Second Life. 

  • You contact people you know inworld.
  • You use the names you know inworld.
  • You need only a browser.
  • You don't load the viewer.
  • You send and receive on any device that runs your browser.
  • The conversation stays online when you log off.  
  • Hyperlinks are live.  
  • Messages are probably never capped
How to send
Click image to enlarge
Window to send messages via MySL
Click this link:

You will have to sign in your Second Life password if you are not already signed in.
  • Click Inbox.
  • Click New Message.
  • Start typing the user name of the recipient
  • Not the display name. the user name
  • A prediction menu will display, 
  • Click on the recipient name when you see it.
  • To add another name, start typing it.
  • Type or paste in you message
  • Click Send
The recipient gets
About the same as with an IM.  A notice on login with link to the message.  If  the option to send to email is on, the recipient gets a message in email with a link to the message. In either case, there is a way to reply.  So nobody has to be inworld for the exchange to work.  And so, nobody has the be running a big computer.   Ipad or Android will do fine.

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