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2013 HELP: How do I kiss? Animations and gestures

Making your moves.  Animations and gestures
Newcomers ask.  So here is a summary
  • Animation. Named instruction list of motions for an avatar.
  • Gesture.   Named instruction list including animations, sounds, and text chat. 
  • Pose ball or object. An object with animations to control an avatar
  • Stop animations.  Me (top menu)-Movement-Stop animating me.
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See an animation from inventory 
 Your animations are in a folder in your inventory.  You can activate an animation manually by a right click on it, but you would probably do this only to see the animation in action.  Animations are normally used in gestures or "pose balls."  
A gesture produces a sequence of actions. The sequence may include animations, sounds, and text chat.  You will have some gestures when you start and some will be activated under the gestures button on the bottom of your screen 
In use, you keep the gestures you use frequently in the Gesture list, available in the bottom bar on your viewer.  (If you don't see the Gesture button, right click on the bar and check Gesture in the resulting menu.)   Gestures can also  be triggered with a hot key combination.  See this page:

Pose ball or object:  
These objects are used in two common ways:
  • Sit on the object.
  • Click Object and accept a request from it to animate your avatar.
Stop all animations
Some animations stop on their own. Some, such as dancing, continue until you stop them. The usual way to stop an animation that was started by a click on an object is to click the object again.  If you can't find the object or the click doesn' work, you need a way to stop the animation .
Get animations and gestures
  • You have animations and gestures in your inventory when you start.  
  • Newcomer-friendly places may have others available as freebies
  • People will often give you a gesture if you ask.  
  • You can buy gestures and animations at places like Abranmations.
  • If you have the animations, you can make gestures rather easily.
Resources for animations and gestures
Gestures, emotes, and animation

Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:

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