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2013 HELP: Move, Teleport, Travel, Fly, Sit, Dbl-Click

Move, Teleport, Fly, Sit, Dbl-Click 
For standard viewer 3.6 and later.  Other viewers may differ in detail and features.  
V3.2 Preferences, 
Move & View window
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To open this window: Preferences button (gears)
  • Landmark: A specific place in Second Life, used to tell the system where you want to go.
  • Slurl: ordinary text that Second Life can use as a landmark.
  • Teleport: travel to another place (like loading a new web page)
  • Sim: An named area (square on the map). Like a town.
  • Landing point: place in a parcel  where teleports land you. 
  • Parcel: an area of virtual land with the same owner and settings.
  • Double-click TP:  Optional feature to TP you automatically to a place you can see.
  • ClickNWalk:  Walk your avatar to a place by a single-click on the place.
ClickNWalk:   Walk your avatar to a place by a single-click on the place.
Controlled walk:. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Tap the keys as you would to type a single letter. They will move your avatar forward and back or turn the avatar left and right. Until you get the hang of it, best tap lightly as you would in typing a character. Then wait to see that happens. (Don't expect instant movement.)
You can also use the Move button (bottom menu line) to show the arrow pad for movement.  If you don't see that button, right-click on the bottom line and check that option in the resulting  window.
Run: Ctrl+r  or tap, tap hold.
Fly:  Press the Home key on your keyboard.  Be sure the Num Lock is off.
  • With your map.
  • Open your map (Ctrl+m).
  • Left click on the place you want to visit.
  • Click the teleport button (lower right).
  • With the name of the sim.
  • Open your map (Ctrl+m).
  • Type the name of the sim in the search box on the right.
  • Click the Find button next to the search box.
  • Click on the place you want to visit.
  • Click the Teleport button (lower right).
  • With a landmark in your inventory
  • Double-click on the landmark
  • With a landmark in a notecard
  • Open the notecard
  • Click on the landmark
  • If a landmark window opens, click Teleport
  • If you get an offer to copy to inventory, accept that
  • Then find the landmark in your inventory and double-click on it
  • With a SLurl in chat
  • A SLurl will be in a special color
  • Click on the text in a special color
  • With a SLurl in a notecard or other text source
  • The SLurl will not be in a special color
  • Copy-paste the SLurl into the Nav bar at the top of you screen
  • Press return
  • With a SLurl in a web page
  • The SLurl will be colored as a web link
  • Click on the SLurl as with a regular web link
  • This will open a map page
  • Click on Visit this location.
  • Your Second Life viewer will open if necessary
  • If your viewer is open, you can click and hold on the SLurl.
  • Then, still holding the left mouse key down, 
  • slide your cursor onto the SL screen 
  • That will open a landmark window.  Click Teleport 
You can go directly to the Landmark folder with a click on the globe graphic, if you have left that on your screen. You can also open the landmark folder from your inventory (suitcase).
If you have set the double-click teleport option (see screenshot above), you can usually teleport with a double-click on a place you can see..  If you are in a parcel that has a landing point set, you may get a message saying you can't teleport closer.   Use ClickNWalk in such places.
How do you get landmarks?
  • Click on your Places button: V3.2 Places button (globe) . 
  • Look in the Destination Guide for places that interest you. 
  • Accept landmarks that are offered to you. 
  • Click on landmarks in notecards you get. 
  • Take landmarks* at places that interest you. 
*Click the star, right side of your navigation bar (top of screen).
Tip: When you select a place to go, you will see a red arrow pointing to it. Click on the arrow to cancel the selection.
The destination guide is a good source for places that interest you.
Destination Guide (Second Life)
For landmarks you use frequently, you may want to put them in the Favorites bar:
To sit, right click on an object, then choose Sit . If you face the object as you would walking up to sit on it, you will probably turn around and sit on the object as you would in the outworld.  If the cursor turns into a chair when it is over an object, the object is set for sit.  Just left click on it.
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