Monday, October 24, 2011

2013 EDU: GAMES: Gamification!

  • The oxygen-CO2 cycle.
  • How a bill becomes law.
  • Which is junk food?
  • Kitchen hazards
  • How flour gets to be your bread?
  • How it starts to rain.

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By Fire Centaur
Just in time for Halloween, this Puzzle game comes with a Halloween texture loaded in its inventory.
To play the game, the owner just need to open the control panel by pressing the Settings button (A Cog icon" Then, press "Reset". The Puzzle will then rezz 25 puzzle pieces. When finished rezzing, the owner can press "Scatter" and the pieces will scatter themselves within 10 meters of the puzzle. Visitors then just click the puzzle pieces and then the board to place a puzzle piece, and it will zoom into place. If correct, the piece will lock into position, otherwise it will bounce out!
I've designed this game to be a collaborative or single user activity. Its super easy to use and fun!
For educators, I think there are many uses. Put a texture of a sample sentence, or special image that is relevant to your topic of the day!
The owner can also press a "Show Names" Button to display who correctly placed each piece on the puzzle. This is great for interactive scoring!
Have fun with this! I will be donating a portion of the profits to The Schizophrenia Society of Alberta in their fight against mental illness.
Thanks again and Happy Halloween!
Fire Centaur
Link for the future:
And that list I gave at the beginning -- what does it mean?  I leave the answer to the advanced student.
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