Thursday, October 6, 2011

2013 WRITE: Novelist discovered in Second Life

Colin Bell, known in Second Life as Wolfgang Glinka
is the first novelist to be discovered in Second Life
Colin Bell reading at the Waterstage
Colin Bell reads a chapter of his forthcoming novel at the Waterstage on Cookie
It’s 1967 and the start of the Summer of Love. Life will never be the same again for the young as they celebrate liberation and nonconformity, but also protest against prejudice, repression and war. In Brighton, Stephen Dearsley is tempted and intimidated by the way his generation is casting off traditional ways of dress along with the old ways of thinking. His hippy housemate Dys provides an open door into his own possible summer of love, but will autumn still find him in tweeds, or will he be in colourful loons and tie-dye? His ambition to become a biographer is fulfilled when he’s commissioned to research the life story of Austin Randolph, and the revelations of hypocrisy, class prejudice and homophobia lead him to make his decision.

The free chapter is available  at:  
The author's own story is as exciting and moving as the novel.  You can read about it, and how SL helped him as a writer here:


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  1. Really want to read the sample, but downloading is disabled. I bought an ereader because reading through the net flash readers is pretty torturous for me. Hoping the publisher will make the sample available for download in epub format sometime in the near future so I can read it. Thanks for the heads up though, and it was a lovely novel launch yesterday afternoon.

  2. Hi Jennifer. I'm the publisher. I hope you got a notecard at the event and if not I can pass you one. You can use that to create a file for your ebook reader. I'll also make a download available. We make ebook versions of all our novels as soon as the print book is out.


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