Monday, October 10, 2011

2013 PROMO: How does your venue look in a thumbnail?

And why would you care? Promotion
Which of these small pictures catches your attention? Why?


Click on any picture to enlarge it.
You don't care
  • If you are not interested in promoting your venue.  
  • If you only want to promote your venue in group notices and instant messages.
You do care:
  • If you want to reach people that don't already know about your venue.
  • If you want to reach people who are not (yet) in Second Life.
  • If you want a little help from the bloggers.
What's important about thumbnails?
  • A thumbnail is what people see in the social media.
  • If a thumbnail gets attention, the big one will too.
  • If you think about thumbnails, you brain will go on to bigger things
As a blogger, I care
Those little pictures at the top--I use them regularly in connection with some venue I am writing about.   When I write about a venue, I always look for a lead shot.  That is the shot that will go near the top of the blog and appear as a thumbnail when I post a link In Facebook and Google+.
Sometimes I wish the venue owners would think about the lead picture. That's the one to be used in publicity materials, put at the top of a web page, given out in press releases.    Here are some things I like to see in a lead picture:
  • Big thing contrasting with the background (for the thumbnail).
  • Prominent sign with venue name.
  • A crowd, or at least some people.
  • Something happening.

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