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2019 #VWBPE: VWBPE 2020 Stellar: Call for Proposals. Where do we go from here? Immersive education

VWBPE 2020 Stellar: 
Call for Proposals.  
Where do we go from here? 
Immersive education 

Call for proposals, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education: VWBPE 2020 Stellar.  Presentations, exhibits and immersive experiences
VWBPE 2016 entrance


  • Presentations: 13 January 2020
  • Immersive Experiences: 10 February 2020
  • Exhibits: 16 February 2020

Immersive Experiences

These are the most fitting for the immersive experience of a conference in virtual worlds.
The Immersive Experiences category showcases locations whose main objective is interaction, immersion, and engagement for those who enter them, whether to play a game, solve an immersive problem, or engage participants in hands-on, interactive learning.
Immersive Experiences submissions require a guide to provide basic instruction on the interface of the platform. Time should be spent mainly on having the participants play, immerse, or engage with the location, not just “touring” it. Accessibility must be considered to allow participation for all.
Submissions to the Immersive Experiences category are VWBPE committee reviewed and require already existing and ready for use locations or platforms. Because of the length of time required for these experiences, these will be hosted pre- and post-conference. If a proposal is selected for inclusion, it will be scheduled in the two weeks before or after the conference, depending on availability and timing.

Community varieties 

  • Educators and Trainers
  • vLanguage Members
  • Artists, Designers and Builders
  • Advocacy and NonProfit
  • Support and Help Communities
  • Entertainers and Performers
  • Coders, Scripters, and System/IT Analysts
  • Business and Entrepreneurs

Past VWBPE conferences

VWBPE 2014

VWBPE  2013

      VWBPE 2012

      VWBPE  2011 


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