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2019 #VWEDU: WW: #DTA: Presentations: In 3D places you can do more than show slides and talk about them. You can use 3D places as slides. Your audience can go there to practice

In 3D places you can do more than 
show slides and talk about them.   
You can use 3D places instead of slides.  
Your audience can go there to practice

Demonstration of how to adapt a presentation to 3D places.  And of how a 
Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) can help.   This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
How to move panel

Go there

Learn to move

  • Click on the screen
  • Move your mouse around, get the red circle leading to where you want to go.
  • Press the up-pointing keyboard arrow and see what happens.
  • Press your left pointing and see what happens.

Learning objectives, entry panel

  • Be able:
  • to move your avatar to where you want to go.
  • to toggle between 3d environment and flat screen controls with cursor.

Why not just show people a slide of the sign?

Inworld tools

Inworld tools

  • Click the 3-bar button bottom left to access these buttons.
  • Click a button to activate it.

Learning objectives, inworld tools panel

  • Be able:
  • to use the red focus circle to activate interactive objects.
  • to find the teleport directory (don't teleport yet)
  • to teleport to your home place
  • to reload your current place

Voice panel

  • Be sure to turn off your mic elsewhere before you turn on your mIc here. 

Voice panel

Learning objectives, voice panel

  • Be able to turn voice on, mute your voice, and turn voice off*
  • *This objective may require learning about the local system on your machine.

Tutorials panel

Learning objectives, tutorial panel

  • Be able:
  • to find and go to this panel (movement skills practice).
  • to watch a selected tutorial (object-activation skills practice.


  • There are other places for you to visit.  You need to know how to find them.
  • And how to teleport there.
  • It is as easy as going to a new slide. But you have to do it yourself.
  • JIT learning again.
Teleport destination 
  • Find community classroom A.
  • This location is under the general category of education.

Learning objectives, teleport destination

  • Be able to use the teleport directory to go to a specified location.

Where is the DTA?

  • This script is Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA)
  • In implementation, it would not be in a blog, but programmed into the scene.
  • And it would keep a record of your actions to tell you how you were doing.
  • This is for learning to do, not just more practice in listening. 

If you must talk, here is another coach


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