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2019 #WVEDU: #DTA: The myth of Asgard. Role play: Norse mythology characters. Could people learn about mythology here?

The myth of Asgard.  Role play: 
Norse mythology characters.  
Could people learn about mythology here?

A short look at Asgard and a bit of role play with an apparition.  
Arrive at the Pantheon

Go there

  • Hypergrid link:
  • Folkene
  • hop:// Folkene/994/242/70
  • Asgard Folkene on the web
  • Click the statues and they will tell you who they are
Educational topics
The People's Asgard: the world where you will find all 9 realms and the world tree. We are the guardians of the realms of the gods of Asgard and we are open to receive all manner of Norse mythology characters. We do not play Marvel comics Asgard we play the pure mythology and welcome those who share the dream. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

An appearance on my shoulder
  • I note an apparition forming above my shoulder
  • "Alfreda?" I ask, recalling the last time.
  • "Yes, though here I might be better known as Mimir."
  • "You take different names in different places?" I ask.
  • "I take nothing," Mimir responded sharply.  "People assign me different names in different places." 
  • List of knowledge deities
Cornbread in the pan?
  • That pan on the corner of the table--could that be cornbread in it?
  • "Very good," Mimir commented with approval. "Wisdom lies not in knowing the right answers but in asking the right questions."
  • "It also helps to know where to find the answers," I responded. 
Rainbow bridge
Asgard is not a place, it is a people, people of courage and compassion and understanding. ... 
There are 9 realms in the Kingdom of Asgard Folkene (The People's Asgard), each one fantastical and magical just waiting for the right person to lead each realm, from Alfheim to Helheim, we have it all and it's waiting for you because Asgardians are not Asgardians by biological birth but by what is born of the heart.

Rainbow Bridge

View from the Castle Gimli
  • "It is a bit more like a hotel than a castle," I mused with half an idea of what Mimir would say.
  • "Or so it seems to you," Mimir responded.   "Enjoy the view and remind yourself that the past is not the future." 
Dinner for the gods
  •  "This is a place for role-playing," I remarked.  "I suppose one could role-play a sumptuous meal here."
  • "Do you know what Milton wrote about virtual worlds?" Mimir challenged.
  • I did, enough to look it up on the web:
  • "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven."
  • Oddly, that exchange made me think of a Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA).

We welcome Norse gods and goddesses, humans of Midgard, Dwarves and Dark Elves, Fire Giants and demons, Frost Giants and demons, Jotunars, Light Elves, Fairies, pixies, Valkyries, Unicorns, Hunicorns, Wolves, Wave Maidens & Men, Shape Shifters and Draugr and any other creature found in Norse Mythology.  Adaptations will be considered if the description can be found in Norse Mythology.
Castle in Alfheim
  • Alfheim
  • "Perhaps someday, you will try role-playing yourself," Mimir observed.
  • "I don't know when I will ever have the time."
Our goal is two-fold, to supply a beautiful home for folks who come to Kitely to live in the time of the gods and creatures of old Norse and Viking legends, and to educate folks about the mythology and the history of Norse Mythology and the Vikings. For some of us it is a way to connect to our ancestral heritage, while enjoying the role play that we have.  

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