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2019 PLAY: Wellspring, an Elf Clan affiliate region, a 16-region world of contrasts. Steampunk, Victorian, Fantasy, Caves, etc.

Wellspring, an Elf Clan affiliate region
a 16-region world of contrasts
Steampunk, Victorian, Fantasy, Caves, etc.

Wellspring is a 16-region world of contrasts. Regions of Steampunk, Victorian, Fantasy, Caves, Underwater Fantasy, waterways for boating with boats for you to row, cars and motorcycles to drive, parks, a small New town and an Old Town and the famous Sendalonde Library once well-known on InWorldz. 

Elven lands?
  • "I need a guide for this place,"  I remarked aloud to the empty air.
  • "I can give a bit of counsel." the empty air responded. 
  • I was there as a digital, so I was neither alarmed nor astonished.  "And who might you be?" 
  • "I might be Saint Nicholas." the air commented.  "Or I might be Titania.  Or perhaps a Gremlin.  But you may call me Alfreda.  Elf counselor.  And guide to humans who can use the third eye.
  • A little puff of smoke off to my left in the view of my third eye. 
  • "So kind of you, Alfreda.  Can this modern road really be for elves?"
  • "Only if they are modern elves," Alfreda answered.  "You are not usually this conventional."
  • "And I do not intend to be.  I appreciate the reminder," I commented, clearing the conventional cobwebs from my mind.  

Hypergrid address


A teleport button
  • "Is that teleport button more like what you expected of elf land?" Alfreda asked.
  • "Well, now that I think of it, yes and no,"  I answered after a pause to think it over.
  • "Puck could make it around the world in less than an hour back some four hundred years ago.  I had not thought that elves would need a teleport."
  • "And you had not thought that elves would have a teleport so much sooner than humans," Alfreda added.  
  •  "True," I admitted with some embarrassment.   
  • "Yet you know that imagination leads reality," Alfreda pointed out.    
Wellspring has a G rating. We intend for it to be one of the Elf Clan affiliate regions, a family-friendly group. All are welcome, but please stay family-friendly: no nudity or show-through clothing, respect locked doors, no rude gestures. We want everyone to have fun.
Santa connection?
  • Here I see an elf that could have come from Santa's workshop.  
  • He does not greet me, I think he is not ready to chat with me.
  • I have it on good authority that Santa is an elf.
An elfin airship
  • "I knew steampunk was imaginary, but I did not know that elves were involved," I commented to the apparition on my shoulder.
  • "You are not obliged to disclose what you did not know," Alfreda responded patiently.  "But we can take that as a garbled statement about what you are learning."
  • "I suppose I did mean that too," i stammered.  "Perhaps I am also learning to listen to what I say."
  • "That is a skill worth developing," Alfred approved.   
The airship on the ground
  • Its motors still.
An impressive boiler
  • "But where is the condenser?" I mused.
  • Alfreda did not respond.
  • I did a little search and found Steam engine.
  • All engines degrade heat and must get rid on waste heat.
  • A steam engine can vent low pressure steam to get rid of waste heat.
  • Bu that takes a big supply of water.
  • To recover the water, it needs a condenser to cool the steam.
  • The more heat the boiler puts in, the bigger the condenser must be.
  • "You now see how how imaginary worlds can teach real science," Alfreda observed with a tone of finality.
  • I did not argue with her.  I would never argue with an elf.
A modern house for modern elves
  • "Humans wanted better houses.  Why wouldn't elves want the same," Alfreda commented.
  • "Modern elves might want the same," I acknowledged.  "My concept of elves is expanding."
  • Alfreda's apparition expanded.  "That is the real objective,  It was never about elves. It has always been about minds."
An elfin car
  • No discussion here.  I am now comfortable with modern elves
A Wurlitzer
  • Jukebox
  • I remember these from the past.
  • Not so far back as the days of Middle Earth
  • But long ago we fed them quarters and they played music.
An elegant tree house

  • "A bit more like what I expected," I exclaimed to the smoke on my shoulder.
  • "You are pleased." Alfreda remarked.  "How do you feel when you find what you did not expect?"
  •  I paused to think that over.  "I feel pleased that I have learned something new."
  • "Then I have done my job," said Alfreda, sounding pleased. "You learn nothing when you find what you expect."
  • And she vanished in a puff of smoke.
  • For announcements about happenings on Wellspring, join the Wellspring group.

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