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2019 #DTA: #VWEDU: Possible uses of formative assessment items: JIT evaluation, immediate feedback, detailed analysis

Possible uses of formative assessment items:  
JIT evaluation, immediate feedback, detailed analysis
The strong point of  Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) is attention to detail.  When it is helping with homework, it can ask questions and evaluate numbered or clicked answers.  When it evaluates, it can give immediate feedback, record answers, and provide reports useful to teachers and students.   This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
The Empty Classroom
Students doing homework?
  • We hope they are doing homework
  • We can't see them.  We can't encourage them.  We can't help them.
  • Unless they are online at the homework site.
  • If the homework site is online, we know when they are there.
  • We know how much time they spend.
  • We can ask them questions and find out if the assignment is working.
  • We can ask them questions and let them see how effective their study practice is.
  • We can ask them questions and see who is having problems and what the problems are.

Formative assessment

  • Formative assessment (Wikipedia)
  • Formative assessment (search)
  • Formative assessment aps
  • Diagnostic rather than evaluative
  • Guiding rather than grading
  • Telling the teacher about the effectiveness of instructional materials
  • Telling the student about the effectiveness of study practices
  • Telling the teacher about students needing help 

Possible functions of formative assessment items

For the teacher (aggregated)

  • See how well the assigned lesson is meeting its learning objectives.
  • Assumed: each lesson plan has learning objectives (or it would not be assigned).
  • See how much time students are spending on the lesson.
  • Anonymous data, no FERPA issues.

For the students

  • See how effective their study effort has been. 
  • If it is quite effective they get the answers right and take satisfaction in that.
  • If it is less effective they can try to improve on their own or seek help.
  • For students with less effective study effort, DTA might offer help.
  • Suggested actions are already available:
  • How to improve study skills in college
  • How to improve study skills in high school
  • DTA can give help just when the student feels a need for it.
  • DTA can help students know about effective span of attention for reading. 
  • No data collected, no FERPA issues

For the teacher (by individual student)

DTA can also report item performance by cognitive level

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