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2017 OSHG: Marcus Milne talks about his worlds on the web

Marcus Milne talks about his worlds on the web
Updated 2/4/2017
Some suggestions about a possible business model for a browser-viewer.  The model could draw on existing OpenSim resources and developing browser-viewer technology.  

Screen capture from Chrome browser
Click image to enlarge
  • The above image shows Marcus Milne's virtual world in a browser.  
  • His idea is to have light virtual worlds that would run on mobile devices.
  • He does not have the funding to set up virtual worlds like OpenSim.
  • He can make very realistic avatars.  
  • I wonder if browser-worlds might work as entry ports to OpenSim worlds.
  • Web-worlds, progress and possibilities: Summary

About Marcus Milne (From Linkedin)

[His] company specialises in interactive 3D media. [They] have a studio for scanning people and offer a range of 3D services such as these:
  • webGL websites
  • 3D apps
  • augmented reality
  • virtual reality
  • avatar rigging
  • (More after the break, scroll down!)

Metaverse events, current and upcoming


Excerpts from a statement by Marcus Milne published in Opensim Virtual
Hello everyone. I developed the browser-based virtual world demo at
I've had quite a few people from the opensim community come in and chat with me.  Its been a pleasure to hang out with all the lovely and smart people that have visited. Everyone I've spoken to ask if I have plans to make my web-based client compatible with opensim. I'm sure everyone is aware of the U.S Army MOSES web-based client which is coming out and completely free.   
I'm guessing people are hoping I'd have a complete client a lot sooner. I do love Second Life and opensim. I have a Second Life account and I have hosted an opensim world before. This was what inspired me to develop this world, however, I don't plan on making it compatible with opensim. The main reason is that it is not cost effective for me to do so. I feel bad every time I have to tell someone this. 
There is a lot of work required for me to incorporate a physics, messaging, avatar, inventory system that all work with opensim. There's only one person working on this and that's me. This is hard labour since it is dealing with advanced programming techniques. As a business person trying to run a startup, I need to prioritise my projects and research in terms of resources required and demand. It might seem like its something I could work on in my spare time, but all my spare time is taken. Time is money (at least $2000 a month to pay mortgage interest and bills) and I've already spent a lot of time making other demos and prototypes to try and promote my services and used up almost all of my budget. 
I'm literally now in survival mode. Any money I make goes into bills and food so I can live another day. Aside from that, the experience would be very poor. Opensim was not designed with web browsers and mobile devices in mind. The degradation in quality just doesn't seem worth it for me. 
My main goal for this virtual world was to create something that looked high quality but was lightweight enough for people to use on their mobile devices, since that is now what the majority use to surf the net. My idea was to have a framework that people could use to embed a little virtual world on their websites to showcase their artwork or retail products, with the added bonus that you can see and talk to other people that are browsing at the same time. 
All these worlds would be connected so if you walked to the edge of one you would appear in another. I attempted to pitch this to some people here in Melbourne, Australia. I gave out brief documents explaining it with beautiful coloured screenshots. Most didn't get it, haven't heard of virtual worlds, never knew web browsers could do 3D and weren't interested if no one else had done it (thinking if no one else was working on it, then it wasn't important enough). 
If any of you out there know of someone that would be interested in funding such a project, then I could allocate my resources to this and develop a full framework.  My goal is to make it easy to set up and maintain, to be able to run smoothly across most devices (desktop and mobile) and to be able to handle a large number of users.


Could browser worlds offer entry to OpenSim?

  • Or rather, is there a business case for doing that?
  • Hypergrid provides the technology for travel between virtual worlds.
  • Current OpenSim uses problematic communication protocols.
  • The MOSES version of Halcyon will use browser-friendly protocols.
  • A user version of Halcyon could provide minimal builder support.
  • A builder version of Halcyon could run in a viewer. 
  • OAR files could import existing worlds to Halcyon.
  • "Could" means technically possible, maybe not economically feasible. 

A use model for browser-world entry to OpenSim

  • Users would have an account on the entry site. 
  • That account would maintain the user's inventory.
  • The entry site might sell the user a personalized avatar.
  • The entry site would connect to markets (e.g. Kitely market).
  • Products marked export would go to other grids.
  • OpenSim communities would provide an immediate market
  • OpenSim communities might pay for their own worlds on the entry site.
  • Or might pay to link their own separately-hosted lite worlds.
  • With separately hosted worlds, the plan scales up as much as the WWW.
  • Communities would market from their own web pages.
  • Communities might put their own lite world on their own web page.

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