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2017 HG: PEOPLE: Shawn's Hypergrid Winter/Christmas list of places

Shawn's Hypergrid Winter/Christmas list of places
Shawn Maloney is making a list of winter/Christmas scenes available on the Hypergrid. Visit, take pictures, make your own Christmas card.  I put my avatar in these pictures to wish all my readers a great holiday season.

  • Visit Littlefield Grid's Christmas Island!!
  • Hypergrid Address:
  • Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click Find, TP

Shawn K. Maloney:  I have personally jumped to each and every one of these regions, and to many, many, many, more that weren't up that I found in OpenSimWorld
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Christmas with a Mexican Touch
  • HG (Hypergrid) address:
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click Find, TP
Christmas in Craft-world
  • HG (Hypergrid) address:
  • Spirit 
Christmas in Dorenas world
  • HG (Hypergrid) address:
Christmas at Pandora
Christmas Island
  • Not that one: Christmas Island
  • HG (Hypergrid) address:
  • island
Winter Wonderland
  • HG (Hypergrid) address:
  • Wonderland
Winter Paradise

  • HG (Hypergrid) address:
  • paradise 

Shawn's complete list

  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click Find, TP
......... OpenSim Winter/Christmas Regions List ...................
UPDATE 12/4/2017
All Year= Have been up the whole past year
M=Music stream heard at landing point (not necessarily Christmas music, or commercial free) M 2 M Spirit M Beach M Refugium M M of seasons All Year M Designs M M Land island M IV All Year M All Year island M snow All Year M Mountain Cougar M Mountain Leopard M Mountain Tiger M Mountain Wolf M paradise M M M Outpost Alpha M*metropolis* M Snow M Ice Souls M M Island M AnSky M M Mountains2 M Wonderland Creations Gloebits M Falls M paradise All Year M M M M Wintertime M All Year M Christmas city M Isle M



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