Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 PEOPLE: EDU: Public service instruction in virtual worlds: Unofficial 3D ADA Toolkit

Public service instruction in virtual worlds:  
Unofficial 3D ADA Toolkit
(Americans with Disabilities Act)
State and local governments have obligations under the ADA.  You want them to meet those obligations.  You want the people affected by government actions to know those obligations, so they can hold governments responsible.   You tell people with disabilities what their rights are under the ADA, and how they put any issues to the governments.  You can use virtual worlds to do that.


Arrive here
  • Click on the robot when you arrive
  • State an local governments' obligations under ADA

  • Click on any robots you find 

City Hall
  • Note the ramp
Inside City Hall
 The Unofficial 3D ADA Toolkit for Local Government project is an example of how standard government publications can be transformed from static, black and white, flat documents into immersive, engaging, and visually appealing environments that readers experience rather than just read. By putting the reader "into" the story using an OpenSimulator environment, we increase not only their ability to discover and learn the material, but also their desire to do so.
  • Disabled people have emergencies. too  
  • Website services are great for the housebound
  • But only if they are designed for use.
  • Plan for accessible websites
Ramp Rules
...the project is intended to inspire those who walk through it to look beyond the status quo. And perhaps the next time they read a government document, they will wonder, "What 3D experience could be created to better represent this information and engage the reader? And why aren't we creating it!?"

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