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2015 ART: BIZ: The WIP show (works in progress), operating plan (WIP)

The WIP show (works in progress), 
operating plan (WIP)
To publicize the creatives of the Hypergrid, New Media Arts is sponsoring "The WIP show", a show in which people who are doing something creative on the Hypergrid can show and tell about their projects.  This article outlines an operating plan for this show.  The outline may be useful for planing other, similar projects.  Feel free to use it.    

The WIP show planning

Serene Jewell proposed a Show and Tell series at Cookie II.  I told her that New Media Arts would be happy to sponsor such an event on Cookie II.  She is willing to be organizer and MC.  

Below the fold is my preliminary set of suggestions for an operating plan.  I leave to Serene final decisions for everything that does not require action from Cookie II.  I will represent NMA in this matter.

Management and organization

  • Manager and MC Serene Jewell
  • We may form an inworld group to handle management and publicity.  
  • We may form  a G+ community to handle the presentation offers.  
  • This will give people a chance to see and discuss what is developing on the HG.  
  • Participatory presentations-- increased publicity.


 We are still in ideation on this but are using The WIP Show as the working title.  The final title may be the WIPHG show, because search tests indicate that WIP is too widely used to be good for promotion. 

Collection of offers to present 

  • We create or designate a G+ community for the Hypergrid Show and Tell hour.
  • For the present, we will use Opensim Virtual.
  • MC posts call for next show with time and date.
  • People reply to the post with descriptions of what they will present.  
  • Alternatively, people can drop a notecard in the box at the Sandbox entrance:
  • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/131/359/22
  • Look for floating text to identify the box.
  • MC makes up the program for next show and posts the descriptions.
  • in the G+ community, in Opensim Virtual, and in 
  • Kitely Forums, Events and Activities.
  • Cookie II is rated Mature, so no adult-rated objects can be shown.  
  • People who can attend via HG are welcome.

Show is presented in Hobo Sandbox.  

  • Firestorm 2-step
  • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II (to the Kitely World) 
  • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/141/366/22
  • All participants who will rez need to join Hobo Sandboxers.  
  • MC will be able invite them to the group and assign a role that lets them rez.
  • The presentation will be in typed chat and/or notecards.
  • Presenters can rez a notecard giver with notecard(s) carrying the presentation.
  • The notecard can carry web links and textable addresses 
  • (Firestorm hops and Hypergrid addresses are recommended)
  •   -
  • The notecards probably should not carry embedded objects, as these may only be available on the grid where the embedding was done.
  • To give objects, textures,and landmarks, the presenter should use a general contents giver and put the object in the contents of the giver. 
  • Your suitcase. Just what you need to travel the hypergrid
  • Show can include a video presentation on YouTube.
  • Presenter can rez a prim showing the video and 
  • should also offer the web link for those who need an alternative.
  • Presenters may also voice the presentation
  • Videos of voiced presentations may be made and posted on YouTube
  • Presented objects may be left out for a few days if a notecard giver is also there 
  • and it gives information about the presentation and relevant links.


I suggest some predictable schedule like first and third someday of the month
MC gets to set the schedule


MC announces  event, with descriptions of content about 5 days ahead of the event
Announcement goes into the collection community, Kitely Forums, and Opensim Virtual
The event schedule will be on the Kitely calendar.  MC may add details from the program.
If I get the program 5 days in advance, I will probably run an article 1 or 2 days ahead of the show.  


MC and guards chosen by MC will have roles that let them eject and ban from Hobo Sandbox and from Communications Arts parcel.  These two groups control all the area in Cookie II, so I think the guards have what they need to banish griefers from the region.  No one can rez in these parcels except people with authority from group membership.


The audience will be encouraged  to take pictures and videos of the presentation unless the presented specifically requests no camera.  Pictures may be posted.  NMA will capture some videos and present them on its blog or my blog.  

News and Notes



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