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2016 HELP: HG: HGProject: Travelling with Firestorm. Local, nearby, ingrid, Hypergrid, summary

HGProject: Travelling  with Firestorm. 
Local, nearby, ingrid, Hypergrid, summary
Updated 6/12/2016
Walk, run, fly, Click-walk, Dbl-click TP, Sit,  Dbl-click World World Map TP,  Double-click mini-map TP.  World Map (Ctrl+M), Firestorm hop  Landmark, Ingrid Walkin TP. Double-click on world map HG Hops, Hypergrid Landmarks, Hypergates and hypergate hubs

  • Many of these methods are also available with other viewers and with Second Life.  
  • Testing was done with Firestorm 4.6.7 (42398) Aug 12 2014 


Learning objectives

When you have completed this unit, you will be able 
  • to put the needed travel settings on your version of Firestorm.
  • to execute each of the travel methods listed in the unit outline below.


  • Walk:  Arrow Keys.  Try each key, notice what happens.
  • Run: Click Ctrl-r, then try to walk.  Another Ctrl-r toggles run off.
  • Fly/descend: Page up/down keys. Hold Page up key down to start flying.  
  • Try arrow keys while flying, see what happens.  
  • Hold down the Page down key, see what happens.
  • Click-walk 
  • Setting: Avatar-Move&View-Movement-single click on land-move to clicked point
  • Video: Avateer, use this to hit your mark on camera without sit or poseball.
  • Sims can have settings that prevent click-walk.  

Nearby--to any place you can see

  • Sit
  • You can sit on chairs or other objects.  Even on the ground.
  • Some things will have sit scripts.  These affect the pose and ease of sitting.
  • You can usually sit on things even if they do not have sit scripts 
  • To sit on an object, right click it and choose Sit.
  • You can cam to an object at substantial distance from you and sit on it.
  • You can move through walls and other obstacles by sitting on things. 
      • Sit/poseball
      • Right click and select sit. 
      • Pose balls will usually go transparent when you sit on them.
      • Video: Avateer, use these to hit your mark when they are placed.

      Ingrid--anywhere in the grid

      • Firestorm hop:  To go:  Paste hop in Firestorm address bar and press enter.  
      • Hop is text friendly, can be used in blogs and IMs.
      • To get a hop, go to the location, left click on the Firestorm address bar.
      • Copy the hop and paste it where you want to save it or use it.
      • Firestorm hops: Textable travel links
      • Landmark: Take landmark: Top menu: World-Landmark this place.
      • Landmarks go into Landmark folder.
      • Use a landmark: Double click the symbol to go there.
      • Right click it, select About Landmark to see details.
      • Drag it onto a notecard to embed it there.
      • Drag it to an IM bar to an individual to send it to that person.
      • World Map (Ctrl+m)--TP to a sim
      • Use the world map to find and TP to a sim/region
      • Put the name of the sim/region in the 3rd blank line (next to Find)
      • Use the Teleport button to go there.
      • Ingrid TP object (walk-in or show-map)
      • Quiick travel to elsewhere on the grid
      • The walk-in version teleports you when you walk through it.
      • The show-map version shows you a map set to TP you to the place.
      • Walk-in is 1 step, show-map is 2 step but gives you a choice
      • Scripts and objects available here: 
      • Firestorm hop below, paste into Firestorm address bar, press enter.
      • hop:// II/126/358/22
      • Double-click on world map: to go to that point. 
      • Setting needed: 
      • Avatar--Preferences--Firestorm--Enable double-click teleports on world map.  
      • Double-click on mini-map to go to that point.
      • Setting needed: 
      • Avatar--Preferences--Move&view--Firestorm--Mini-map options.

      Hypergrid: to any grid connected to the hypergrid 

      Carry stuff on the Hypergrid

      Using Hypergrid addresses

      Hypergrid Landmarks 

      • Landmarks seem to give the most reliable travel on the hypergrid.
      • Take LM as usual: Top menu: World-Landmark this place.
      • LM will go into My Suitcase, Landmarks subfolder.
      • Best move it into your main landmarks folder when you get home.
      • Best not collect unneeded stuff in your My Suitcase folder.

      Lose voice on HG travel?  

      • I get this often (in Firestorm)
      • Hover cursor over the speaker (upper right) 
      • Sound channel control panel will appear.  
      • Toggle voice off and on.  That fixes it for me.

      Hypergates and hypergate hubs

      Hypergate at sanctuary grid
      A hypergate works like a walk-in TP.  You walk through it and go to your destination.  Quick and easy.  That's when it works.  There are several failure modes--too many for my liking.  If you want to explore the hypergrid, I recommend OpenSimWorld.  But if you already have some idea of the places you want to visit, you might try the huge hub at Sanctuary Grid:
      • Paste this into the world map. White bar next to the find button.
      • Press find, enter, Teleport.
      • It does not work in a Firestorm hop.
      • Use the gate that says (that gate place).
      • Get close: the gate destinations are floating above the gates.
      Some places have small collections of hypergates for specific interests.  These may be collections you find useful; for example: 
      • Community hub for STEM education. Abyss Observatory
      • Community hubs: other places maintained by the same community.
      • Hypergrid hubs: popular grids on the hypergrid. 
      • Learning hubs: places where you can learn things
      • Freebie hubs.
      • Sandbox hubs.
      • Fashion hubs.
      • Creator resource hubs.
      • Top grids
      • Venues*
      • Retail*
      • Education* 
      • Et cetera.  
      • *These are in work on Hyperica, Maria Korolov's hypergate hub:
      Top grids



      News and Notes




        Lauren's Place


        Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds



        How to handle a Hypergrid address 

        From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the navigation bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again in a minutes.  Sometimes the first try fails (probably times out).  And try again a few hours later. Some hypergrid destinations are offline part of the day. 


        Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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