Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 HELP: ART: Explorable art: Tomb Rider. A free OAR you can download in OpenSim

 Explorable art: Tomb Rider, 
A free OAR you can download in OpenSim
A recent Metaverse Tour visited Tomb Rider, a sim that normally rests, as an inactive OAR file, in Miney's Musings.  It is temporarily on display in Kitely, courtesy  Min Tigerpaw.  Anyone can get a free copy of the OAR file and install it in any grid that allows you to upload OARs.  
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Tomb Rider on display in Kitely

  • Firestorm Hop to the region:  Paste into the Nav bar, Enter
  • hop:// Rider
  • Firestorm Hop (in Kitely) :  Paste into the Nav bar, Enter
  • hop:// Rider/189/69/22
  • HG address: Rider
  • Miney's Musings 
  • Tomb Rider Web Page 
  • Build by Avia Bonne

Dead Car Canyon
This is Laura
Explorable tunnels
Alligator trail
  • I can fly if necessary
A sub?  
  • What does this mean?
Something under that mast?
Treasure Ship
A temple under the sea
  • Avatars don't need to breathe.
  • That's why they can play Zombies.
Someone just dropped in.
Laura has her way with the tigers
The lost plane
  • Alligators, a sub, sunken treasure, parachute in, crashed aircraft!
  • What else can they have?
  • I don't even know what this is.
  • Don'r worry.  You probably can't find it anyway.
  • You can download and install a free copy 
  • You have mod rights in your download
  • You can add to the story.  
  • Or change it completely.
  • Make it a comedy:
  • Hey, Abbot!  What does velociraptor mean?  Is it a kind of pet?
  • Or a science project:
  • What is the energy source that keeps those blades turning?
  • Or a detective story:
  • Something here is not right.  And it is the key to the whole puzzle.


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