Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 BIZ: PROMO: DigiWorldz lets customers promote their places on its welcome sim

DigiWorldz lets customers promote their places 
on its welcome sim 
A commercial grid depends on its customers for its income.  It needs to have a plan to promote these customers.  Here is one such plan: Let all customers have a small promotional area in the welcome sim, where new people first arrive if they have not selected a specific destination in the grid.
New people arrive here
  • The builds here are by customers of the DigiWorldz.
  • The builds tell about each region and provide walkin TPs to the region.
  • The empty parcels await builders.
  • Many of the builds are still under construction.
  • DigiWorldz Google+ Community

DigiWorldz welcome center 

  • Firestorm Hop, paste in nav bar of Firestorm, enter.
  • hop:// 
  • HG address: 

A Star Trek region
  • Walk into the Gear-disk to go to the Star Trek region.
Star Trek role play area
  • The other side of the Gear-disk in the photo above
Arrival point (white circle)
New to Virtual Worlds?
"For those users that are actually new to OpenSim, we are going to use the original welcome center and extend it with new user information and more in depth information on DigiWorldz itself. A portal to this DigiWorldz region will be near the landing platform on the new Welcome region."
 About DigiWorldz Grid
  • See the pix below for the other side of this TP
About DigiWorldz Grid
Currency and Kitely Market
Avatars and sandboxes
Harry Potter role play
Rent a parcel
Click image to enlarge
Rental offerings 
  • Rents for parcels are $1.50 (USD) per month.
  • Promo on welcome puts this information in front of new arrivals.
  • Good merchandising both for Magic Dreams Rentals and for DigiWorldz
A model of the region
The Moonlight Center
  • The whole region at a glance
Using the overhead view

Yes, but this won't work if you have lots of regions.

Always good to check with the YesButters!  They usually have the start of a good idea.  Not the end, but the start.  Most good ideas start with a problem and end with the solution.  

Organize the region into interests.

  • Newcomers
  • Role Play: Harry Potter, Star trek
  • Rental regionsMagic Dreams Rentals
  • Educational:
  • Entertainment:
  • Literary:
  • Shopping:
  • Mixed use: rental, shopping, entertainment

Yes, but you will run out of space some day

  • Use smaller plots.
  • Put walkin TPs at the arrival point to go the interest places.
  • Put big interest places in separate simulators.  
  • Send people to places that will match their interests.  

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