Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 WRITE: A tale of three kitties. Writer in SL. Get the book.

"A Trio of Cat Tales"
Writer in SL.  Get the book. 
by Judith Cullen 
caledonia.skytower in Second Life
Meet "S" - a cat in the prime of her lives. From her superior feline perch, S shares adventures in traveling, her favorite cat games, as well as lessons in art and respect.
Cover art by Micki McIntyre
  • Story Staff of the Seanchai Library
  • Company of Independent Ballet
  • Owner Stories Unlimited! and StoryFest Events
  • Landscaper, Builder, "Artist"
"I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA). I have been a Production Stage Manager, a Graphic Artist, and a Scenic Designer for theatre and opera for 25 years. My real love is bringing stories to life."
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