Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 2ndHELP: BIZ: LAND: Segarra estates, for people experienced in SL

Segarra estates, land for people experienced in SL
Best suited to people experienced in SL who want
  • to buy or build a house
  • to set up a shop
  • to run a club
  • to set up a small role-play venue
Start here
Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:
  • Click the box to join the group and ask questions in group chat.
  • The posters behind the unicorn are links to people who can help if they are online
  • Land for Sale has links to that
  • Land Office
  • In business since 2007
Descriptive sign on plots for sale
  • Land is not zoned
  • Both Mature and Adult parcels are available
  • No covenants, no zoning.  
  • You put what you want on your land
  • Neighbors put what they want on their land
  • Long-term customers can pay with PayPal
  • To see property lines:  
  • World (top menu)-Show-Property lines
Related business venture (BIZ)
Virtual Breadwinner: How to Make Money Online as a Second Life Land Baron
If you can bring people into Second Life to enjoy using your land, this might be a very profitable plan.  You might offer a themed estate.
Potential Themed estates
  • Model railroads
  • Speculative (Science) fiction
Existing themed estates
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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