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Saturday May 11th at 11am SLT
By Adele Ward
Come and take part in our audience and be filmed as I interview the novelist and poet Patricia Averbach. Some audience members will win a book.-I'm bringing back my author interview show for a very special occasion - an interview and reading by the American author Patricia Averbach, who many of you will know on Second Life as Keykey Underwood.-Patricia started her novel 'Painting Bridges' by workshopping it on Second Life, so it's wonderful to hear that it found a publisher and is now available.
As if one book wasn't enough, Patricia also entered the International Lumen/Camden Poetry Competition judged by Anne Stevenson, won it, and her prize is publication of her debut poetry collection, 'Missing Persons',  in the UK in November!-This event is being supported by a major project to showcase arts and culture in virtual worlds, called Metaverse Cultural Series 2013, run by Avacon who used to organise the Second Life Community Conventions.
As this project is showcasing a variety of virtual worlds, I will be holding the Armchair Author show in the Virtual World of SpotON3D, where the very popular Ixmal Supermarine is an admin. So this is a chance to take a little break from Second Life and to visit another location. -You can find out more about the 9 events selected by Avacon for the Metaverse Cultural Series 2013 here.  There are some spectacular shows scheduled.-SpotON3D is very like Second Life to use as the viewer is almost identical. 
If you'd like to come to the show you can register for free on
We have a lovely and very realistic movie theatre as the venue, and I hope some of you will feel like exploring a new place and coming to be filmed in the audience. There will be an interview, Q & A and a chance to meet the author.-You can find me on SpotON3D with my real name Adele Ward, and the venue is in the picks on my profile.-To log in at the venue, click on this link see more about Patricia Averbach,  go to her publisher's websiteHer winning poem
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