Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 2ndHELP: LAND: Rental properties and related services in SL

Rental properties and related services in SL
You can rent land and houses in Second Life.  
Established rental estates (there are many more)
If you have rented and the landlord stops paying the tier you can lose the land with no way to get back your money.  Before you rent, look for signs that the estate is an established business:
  • has been around a while
  • rents a lot of property
  • has a web site
And don't pay far in advance
If land you are renting, vanishes without warning, you can try to get your unused rent back from the landlord.  Linden Lab will not help you on that.  But if you had valuable objects on the land, Linden Lab will restart the sim and run it for a while to let you go there and retrieve you objects. You have to submit a ticket describing what happened and requesting the restart.  
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