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2013 PROMO: WRITE: Bloggers in SL--Promote your blog and the SL Blogging Community

Bloggers in SL-- Promote your blog 
and the SL Blogging Community
Here are some ways:
  • Blogroll
  • Social Media buttons
  • Social media 
  • Blog Posters inworld
A blogroll is a hyperlinked list of blogs you recommend to your readers.  It can be as simple as a static list of blog names, hyperlinked.  Or you could insert a description or comment for each blog. 
Your blog host may support a blogroll gadget that carries a snippet of the most current post.  That is what I use on Blogger.  It shows the most recent 25 posts.  Since I have over 80 feeds on my blogroll, a post is in the list for about 24 hours before it is replaced by newer posts.
Look in right-hand column of this blog to see my blogroll.  If you post frequently and want your blog added to my blogroll, put a link to your blog in the comments section below.  
Social Media buttons
Many blogs carry buttons to send a "Like" notice to various social media sites.  Look down to the bottom of this post and you will see a string of such buttons.   Readers can click these buttons to share the post with their contacts on their social media.   That can boost your audience.  
I often click these buttons (when they are present) to share posts from blogs I follow. (I try to follow all the blogs on my blog roll)  These go to my contacts on Google+ and Facebook.   
You can click these buttons, too, especially when you see a blog post about something you want to promote.  That can increase the traffic to the blog post.  Most bloggers note the subjects that get high traffic and look for more of the same subjects.  
Social media 
When you post on your blog, you should post also on your social media.  Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, and MySL will recognize a web link to your blog post and will rework it into a hyperlink to your post.  Others probably recognize web links, too, but these are the ones I regularly use to promote my posts.  
  • Google+: I have lots of contacts there whom I know from Second Life
  • Facebook: There are several specialized groups that I share to when my post fits
  • Linkedin:  More professional contacts in this site
  • MySL: Smaller, but to your friends in Second Life
And, BTW, work to grow your list of contacts.
Blog Posters inworld
You can put your blog on a prim poster and display it in places you control.  If you can display a blog poster in a busy place, lots of people will see it.  Someone involved in the subject of a particular blog may want to display a blog poster of that article.  So I always make a blog poster of such an article and send it to anyone I think may be interested.
If you want a blog poster that you can modify to show any of your blog posts, contact Thinkerer Melville in Second Life.  Here is more about blog posters:

  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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