Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 ART: PROMO: Art galleries of Second Life, the List (aggregator)

Art galleries of Second Life, the list (aggregator)
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Art Galleries of Second Life, the List
This web site gives reports and links for 437 art galleries in Second Life.
Rate this gallery kiosk 
in front of an art gallery
The list reports on the ratings that galleries have received from these kiosks.

This list is the work of Sasun Steinbeck.  Started in May 2006.
Art gallery owner:
  • To get on the list go to Galleries of SL HQ here:
  • Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:
  • go upstairs to get a free kiosk, 
  • or request one from Sasun Steinbeck directly. 
  • your gallery entry will appear on the website when the kiosk is configured
Galleries of SL HQ
  • Click your destination on the sign. 
  • Don't miss the free scooter.
  • Ground Floor: Kiosk.Net and example networks
  • Floor 1: Kiosk.Net sample kiosks
  • Floor 2: SasTech Noob Zombie Rezzer and other products
  • Floor 3: Galleries of SL Headquarters (get kiosk here)
  • Floor 4: Sasun's Morphing Sculpture
Floor 3: Get your kiosk here
This system can extend to galleries in other grids.  If you have a gallery in another grid, contact Sasun Steinbeck.  She may be ready to extend the system to your grid. 

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  1. Thanks for helping to get the word out about the gallery list! I sure hope art lovers find it useful. Check it regularly, it's easy to see what's new just click the "new" checkbox and off you go! Clicking one of the gallery kiosks gives you my Tour HUD that makes it so easy and fun to visit galleries, too, give it a try! And don't forget to subscribe to my cool RSS feed from all the galleries on the list to keep up with new events in your favorite RSS reader.


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