Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Viewer 3.x .Main screen, marked for beginners

Viewer 3.x. Main screen, marked for beginners
V3.x  Customizable user interface
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Main screen for V3.x.  Beginner version shown above.   Near-default view, except for text labels on the left side buttons and the big button-storage window in the middle.   Here is how to get these items:  
  • To get the storage window, right-click on any button.
  • Click on Toolbar buttons
  • To get the names, right-click on any button, click: Icons and labels.
  • Hover the cursor over any button to see what it does.
  • Click on any button to see the options it offers. 
  • Click the question mark (?) on any window (upper right)  to get help on how to use it.
DragNdrop the buttons where you want them.
  • On a side bar.
  • On the bottom bar.
  • In the big storage window (inactive there).
  • Many buttons are duplicated in the top menu bar.
  • Some buttons have convenient keyboard shortcuts.
  • Some buttons have substitutes that may be more convenient.
  • Move buttons that you will use a lot to one of the menu bars.
  • Move buttons you will rarely use to the storage window.
Suggested moves to the storage window
With better alternatives that don't clutter your screen.  See the links. 
Buttons for Beginners
*Keyboard shortcut.  The key combination will open the same window.
You, your friends, your stuff
Buttons for the upwardly mobile
When you get messages, they will appear briefly, then change to a button on the upper right of your screen.  Click the button to open the message.  
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