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2013 1stHELP: Speak button (Microphone)

Speak button
The speak button (on click) turns your microphone on or off (toggles)
Normally, you will automatically be connected to the voice system and may hear other people talking if you have  loudspeakers or headphones on.  A white dot over your head indicates that you are connected to voice.  A similar dot over another head means that both of you are connected to the voice system and should be able to talk to each other in voice.  Green waves show that the person is speaking or otherwise sending sound in the voice system.
Before you try to talk in voice, note:
  • With loudspeakers you need to turn your microphone off when others are speaking.
  • The best thing to use is headphones with a boom microphone attached.   
  • A set like that will sell for about $25 USD at electronics stores in USA.
  • You may need to make volume adjustments as described below
CAUTION --------------------------CAUTION
If you leave your microphone on, you are bringing everyone near you into your room.  They hear your private conversions. They could even record your conversations.  
Vocabulary - voice specific
  • Voice system: system that lets you hear people talk and speak to them 
  • Sound and media panel: (Preferences). Set options for these features. 
  • Speak button: Toggles you voice on, off. 
  • Nearby voice list: Shows people in range with voice on. Shows who is speaking 
  • People window: See People button 
  • Info button: Green dot with letter i in it.  Often carries volume slider when about a person.
  • Local Voice: Voice connection when people (avatars) are near each other. Open to all people nearby. 
  • Voice call: Like a private phone call. 
  • Mute: Turn off communication (voice, text, IM) from a person/avatar. Right click on the avatar, click block.
Voice system
  • White dot overhead:  Marks avatars connected to voice.
  • Green waves overhead: Marks avatars sending sound (usually speech)
  • Red waves overhead: Avatar overloading the sound system.  Speech  blurred*
  • Zoom in:  Way to raise volume of a specific avatar. See, Zoom, roam, and tag
  • Echo: Your microphone picks up sound from your loudspeaker**
*Talk more softly or move the microphone farther from your mouth.
** You will have to turn off your microphone when other people are talking. Otherwise, they will hear their own voices as picked up by your microphone. That will bother them a lot.

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