Sunday, November 20, 2011

2013 NEW: Local chat (typed) button (talk bubble)

V3.2  Local chat (typed)
V3.2 Chat bar and button
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Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + h

V3.2 Chat details
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Local chat (typed or voice) is open to all people nearby.
Green text may be a hypertext  link you can click on  for more information. 
- Keyboard shortcut
Ctrl-H: toggles chat open and closed.   You will want the system to remember the status of chat when you log off and log back in.  It may remember the placement, but I don't see it restart the on status after a log off with chat open.  I think it is supposed to remember the status, so this may be a minor bug that will be fixed in a future iteration.
Chat Problems
My typing sounds bother people at meetings.  Turn-off typing animation: 
  • Preferences button
  • Chat tab 
  • Play typing animation when chatting: uncheck
Ignored?  Probably not
If you type to someone in local chat and they don't respond, it probably means that they are not looking at the screen or have missed what you typed in the chat because of screen clutter.  If you have something important to say, best send an IM or a notecard.

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