Thursday, November 24, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Avatar button (M and F figures)--select

Avatar selection button
V3.2 Avatar selection window
  • Click the Avatar button.
  • Choose a type.
  • Scroll through the avatars.
  • Choose another type.
  • When you see something you want, click it.
  • Click the select button that appears after the click. 
  • Wait.  The change will take a couple of minutes
You can save an avatar for easy reuse.  While you are wearing an avatar (outfit) you like:
  • Click Appearance button. V3.2 Appearance button (tee shirt) 
  • Click Save as button.
  • Enter a name not already in use.
  • To wear again: find the name, right click and select wear--replace.
Appearance window
Edit your appearance or get clothes


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