Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2013 EDU: VWBPE Thinkerer Studios welcomes you

Thinkerer Studios welcomes you to VWBPE
Featuring projects promoted by Thinkerer Studios.
Thinkerer Studios sponsor plot at VWBPE

You will look at the list and say. "ADHD!"   You are probably right.  But I haven't done any of these things by myself.  Creative Collaboration.  I just provide things like space, equipment, and promotion. Creative collaboration.

So here are some of the things that have been distracting my attention  (AD) and getting me to do lots of things (HD).
Destination guide- New resident resources
Thinkerer's blog
Virtual Railway Consortium
The SLRR on the Atoll continent runs right by the original Hobo Village in Calleta.  And hobos have a long-standing affinity to the railways.  So it is natural that some of the hobo groups have an affiliation with the Virtual Railway Consortium.
"The Virtual Railway Consortium consists of members that enjoy the diverse railway and other transportation locations in Second life. Members include individual rail enthusiasts and representatives of other rail- and transportation oriented groups."
Homepage (Virtual Railway Consortium):
Hobby: Railway tracks around Heterocera, the atoll continent-
Hobby: Virtual Railway Consortium Grand Tour

Rail Buffs Alert: Virtual Railways Await Your Hand on the Throttle
Written Word (a group for writers)
Writers. What are they doing in Second Life?The Written Word is a social network for published and aspiring authors, hobbyist writers, performers, publishers and booksellers, educators, event organisers, booklovers, and of course readers and audiences! ..
Avatar Repertory Theater
Art plays around
Lots of  things to report here.  
Writers alert! SHORT PLAY deadline in March
Avatar Repertory Theater (ART) presents A VIRTUAL SHORT PLAY BUFFET, inviting writers to submit original short plays (3-10 minute plays or excerpts from larger pieces that stand on their own) to be produced on the virtual platform of...
Jwheels presents
Other things may be added before we get to the conference, but the place is getting rather crowded.

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