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2013 PROMO: Promote your Second Life events inworld

How to promote events and places in SL 
  • Distribute to many recipients 
  • Recipient sees your promo promptly;
  • Wants to remember the event at the right time
  • Finds everything needed to go at the time it is needed.
  • Finds everything needed to re-promote your event
Distribute: Develop contact lists
  • How to use groups in Second Life, Summary
  • Second Life Friends conference
  • Other groups that might send your notices with reciprocity
  • Non-linden notice lists that distribute in SL
  • Facebook friends
  • Blogs/subscribers/social sites
  • SL Event Calendar
  • Google Calendars
Friends conference 
You can send Instant Messages (IMs) to multiple friends at once.
SL event Calendar
Required for setting an event in the calendar:
  • set a landing point with the About land panel.
  • on group owned land, you must have a role with the required authority.
Note : If you try to post and get response: Invalid description. it usually means that you did a copy-paste and included invalid characters.   Paste the text ino the most basic text program you have.  I use Notepad on a PC --- with word wrap turned off.
Destination guide
Google calendars
Many people in Second Life use Google calendars to show their schedule of events.  Note that you can put a slurl  in a Google calendar -- not in it location field, but in the description area.  You can make a shared media poster to display your calendar in Second Life.   Shared media service is provided by the standard Second Life viewer and some third party viewers.
Shared media posters are available inworld from Thinkerer Melville.  Best send a notecard.  IMs are not reliable
Useful links.  
Prepare materials 
Main mantra of promotion:
Make it easy for people to do what you want them to.
Base your inworld promotion on a single notecard.  You can send posters, textures, and objects in a notecard, so you can include everything you want to send in one notecard.  The person who gets the notecard can easily find everything in one place in inventory.
Easily find it?   Do you easily find notecards in your inventory?  Only if the notecards have key words in the name.  But then, you will put keywords and the brand name for the event into the titles of the notecards you send.  That is one reason why your notecards will work better that the other ones other people send
How do you put textures and such into a notecard.?  You embed them.  You drag from your inventory onto notecard*.  That way, people can find everything in  one place.
* If embedding does not work, the item is not full perm.  Sending promo material  that is not full perm marks you as greenhorn and may get the material trashed.
Don't send important info by Instant Message without duplicating it in a note card.  IMs get capped or otherwise not delivered.  And the ephemeral content of the IM is easily lost by a busy recipient.  If the recipient does not have time to read your message immediately, what happens to it?   
Don't send a group notice without including a notecard carrying the information you want people to see and use.  The displayed notice vanishes and is difficult to retrieve.  A lot of us assume:
If it were important, you would have included a notecard.
Don't assume that a group notice will reach all the people in a group.  In a large group, it will probably reach no more than 500.   That is one reason people use non-linden  groups.
Don't rely entirely on landmarks to give locations.  Bloggers may want to copy/paste your notecard into a blog.  They need a slurl to give your location.
Don't put a url in with other text.  People will copy/paste, accidentally pick up punctuation, and be told that the site cannot be found.    Put any url in a separate line with no other punctuation like this:
You can make that a link (as above) in the same way you make other text a link.

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