Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2013 SEE: Hobo haunts

Hobo haunts
Here are few places favored by the hobo community in Second Life.  Just a few.  There are lots of other places.  I will report on others in later posts.
Hobo Village, Calleta
The Hobo Railroad Infoub is the original site of the Second Life Hobo Community.

Hobo Island dance
It's intended to be a hobo sanctuary and a community. Everyone is welcome here.
A blog here for announcements:

Arcadia's Barrio
Now part of the Arcadia Asylum Museum, this area is just across the tracks from the Hobo Railroad Infoub.
Space Studies Institute
Rocket Sellars
The Space Studies Institute is managed by long-time hobo Rocket Sellars.

Tooter Claxton's store in Oculea
Known for strange outfits.  Worthy of Kafka.
Other communities in Second Life:
Hobby: Virtual Railway Consortium Tour
The Virtual Railway Consortium consists of members that enjoy. the diverse railway and other transportation resources in Second. Life".

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  1. Thanks for including Space Studies Institute Think! Looking forward to the rest of the list - this chronicle could take you a while!

    Rocket Sellers