Sunday, March 27, 2011

2013 HELP: Uploading 101, textures, sounds, animations

Uploading textures, sounds, animations
Linden instructions: Uploading assets
Note: detailed instructions here apply to viewer 3.3+  The instructions may not apply to other viewers, particularly those in the 1.x class.
Cost:: L$10 (ten Linden Dollars) per file. 
How to upload
  • Open inventory (suitcase tab on right)
  • Click the + sign (bottom left of window)
  • Click upload
  • Select from upload options
Upload options
  • Image: Upload one
  • Sound: Upload one
  • Animation: Upload one
  • Bulk: upload several.  Still costs 10 Lindens per item.
  • Set Default Upload Permissions: I set this to full perm.
If you leave this setting alone, the default will probably be no permissions.  You will then run into various stops resulting from perms too restrictive.  If you set the default to full perm, you can impose restrictions when you need to.
Upload Permissions 
  • Allow anyone to copy
  • Next owner can modify
  • Next owner can Copy
  • Next owner can Resell/give away
Upload Problems
Crash on image download or upload, a fix

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