Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2013 MUSIC: IndieSpectrum Radio, 40,000 uniques per month

IndieSpectrum,   40,000  uniques per month
IndieSpectrum Radio is in the top 15% of all Shoutcast stations with over 40,000 unique listeners and 30,000 listening hours per month. 
-IndieSpectrum Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 since November 2007!
As of Jan 2011 we have over 240 SL artists and 1900 original songs on our playlist.
Those figures got my attention.  But wait!  There's more!
IndieSpectrum Radio's sole purpose is to expose more people to the amazing talent of the musicians in Second Life, and to promote their efforts as independent musicians by playing their original works.
IndieSpectrum only plays original music from independent artists that are performing live in Second Life, or have, or are planning to soon.
You can listen to their stream and find out more at this website:
You can play their music stream on your land with this url:
(Use the About land window to set this stream on your land)
Free radios to play the stream in SL

Musicians: IndieSpectrum Radio invites you to have your music on their web radio.
If you have any original music or public domain (over 85 years old) recordings we would love to have them to play on IndieSpectrum Radio.
Simply go to
http://www.indiespectrum.com and click on the "Artists Only" button. Read on and securely upload your tunes.........EASY! Or if you don't need to read about the station go directly to http://www.indiespectrum.com/music_upload.html. 
They will need your SL and RL name, your promo picture, web link, and promo package. They also have a live show group you can use for sending out live show notices and group IMs

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