Thursday, March 24, 2011

2013 HELP: Take snapshots

Take snapshots
These instructions apply to the standard SL viewer 3.4+ .  Other viewers may be different.
The simplest things first 

  • Click the camera graphic Snapshot button (camera) 
  • on Snapshot Preview window
  • click "Save to my computer" (button)
  • Under Format, click dropdown option.  Click JPEG.  
  • Click dropdown options next to Save.    
  • Set name and target directory. (I use a pix folder directory.)
Try the other buttons at your convenience. See what they do.

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  1. A lot of people prefer to take silent snapshots so as not to interupt events, concerts, meetings with the camera noise. Indeed camera noise can get you ejected from events where silence has been requested. I don't know how to take silent snaps in Viewer 2 as I don't use it. For the older SL viewer 1, Imprudence and Phoenix: In the Advanced menu check "Enable silent snapshot to disk", then under "File" click "Snapshot to Disk"

  2. This wiki page:
    gives the current debug settings. What you want is: